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Vegan Strawberry Acai Protein Smoothie

vegan acai smoothie

I like to start by going through my spinach and making sure everything is fresh and clean. After I’ve done that I add my acai, strawberries, protein powder, and hemp milk. I would recommend using unsweetened acai, with all of the fruit in this you really don’t need the extra sugar, and it’s healthier without it.


Hemp milk is one of the best dairy free milk’s to use in a smoothie, it makes it smooth, creamy, and it doesn’t leave a weird aftertaste like almond milk does.  After I’ve added everything to the blender, I blend it all together until it is nice and smooth. Then I put it in a glass and enjoy!


Ingredients: 2 cups frozen strawberries 1 ½ cups spinach 1 ½ cups hemp milk 1 scoop vegan vanilla protein powder 1 frozen acai pack

Preparation: 1. Thaw acai. 2. Add all ingredients to blender. 3. Blend until nice and smooth. 4. Enjoy!

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