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Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton Review

I recently read Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton, and it was a great book . Rebel of the Sands is about a gunslinger named Amani, who goes to shooting competitions at night disguised as a boy so she can make enough money to leave the town she lives in called Dustwalk. Dustwalk is a small town where as a woman your only option is to get married or die in the unforgiving desert. At a shooting competition Amani meets a fugitive foreigner named Jin, a charming boy with secrets that Amani eventually leaves Dustwalk with.

The desert is full of magical, immortal, creatures like the Buraqi, Djinn, and skinwalkers, and a Sultan’s army, determined to wipe out any who disobey him. Amani and Jin face many perils together as they become closer and work together.

Rebel of the Sands has an interesting mix of two very different worlds, on one hand you have a western feel and on the other, you have a magical/middle eastern influence. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this book, because I don’t usually like books with a western tone, but I thought the author did a great job of combining both worlds and making it into something truly memorable. I loved Amani , she is a very strong and determined young woman, who battles with knowing she should focus on herself and leave others behind like every other desert dweller would do, but she always goes back because she knows how unforgiving the desert is and doesn't wish that suffering on anyone. There is a surprising twist for Amani that I was not expecting, but I thought it was interesting and well done. Jin is another one I really liked, his roguish charm is very endearing, and trying to figure out what Jin's secrets are was a fun challenge. Rebel of the Sands ended in a way that I didn't expect, but it left it on enough of a cliff-hanger, that I will definitely be purchasing the second book, Traitor to the Throne. At the end of the day, I would give this book an 8/10 simply because I don't usually like books with a western tone, but Rebel of the Sands was very well done, and I would recommend this book to anyone.

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