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Gluten-free Vegan Vegetable Soup

One of my favorite things about winter is soup. I love having a nice, warm bowl of soup on a cold winter day.  I’ve been making variations of this soup for a few months now, I’ve added green cabbage, green beans, carrots, and bok choy. You can pretty much just add any leftover vegetables you have.

I started by chopping up my potatoes and then adding them to the vegetable broth so that the potatoes would start getting soft. Then I chopped up all my other vegetables and added them in with the potatoes. I went by feel when adding the herbs, but I probably used about a 1/2 teaspoon of each one, and I just added as much salt and pepper as I wanted.

Gluten-Free Vegan Vegetable Soup


2 leeks 1 bell pepper 1 yellow pepper 1 bunch of green onions 8 red potatoes 1 red onion 1 bunch of celery 2 cartons of vegetable broth Thyme Parsley Garlic powder Basil Oregano Himalayan salt Pepper


Start by chopping up the potatoes, then put them into a large pot, add the broth and boil on medium heat. While your potatoes are boiling chop up the other vegetables and then add them into the pot with the potatoes. Add your herbs, then boil everything on medium heat until potatoes are soft. Serves about 6-8.

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