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12 Ways To Improve Your Future Self

I have been seeing a lot of people talking about what they do for their future selves, and it got me thinking about the things that I do for my future self and what I could add on to improve my future life. Now I know that there is no guarantee that we will even see tomorrow, but because I want to be optimistic about my future, I do things everyday that I know will allow me to be happier and healthier in the future. Trying to live a perfect life where I do the same things that are good for me everyday, is somewhat unrealistic. I don’t do the things I talk about every single day, but I try to adopt as many of these habits as I can, and not beat myself up for failing sometimes. There is no way I can be perfect, and living with health problems takes it’s toll. I have good days, and I have really bad days, that’s just my reality. I wanted to share some things I try to do to inspire you to take care of yourself and help you to live your best life. Here are a few things that your future self will thank you for.

  1. Live a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy foods and exercise consistently. Eating healthy whole foods is so important to your health, and your metabolism and joints will thank you in the future if you prioritize healthy foods. If you don’t like vegetables, remember that your taste buds do adapt, if you keep eating a variety of healthy foods consistently you will figure out what you like. Exercise is amazing for your mental and physical well being, when you exercise endorphins are released that make you happy, and if you get into the habit of exercising consistently you will start to look forward to it.

2. Meditate. I know that a lot of people think that meditation is pointless, but in our busy world, just taking some time to let your brain relax is important for your brain health, and your overall mental health. This can help with stress, anxiety, can enhance your self awareness, improve sleep, and help to lengthen your attention span.

3. Find balance. Try to find balance in your life, take some time for yourself to relax and do something that you want to do, eat something unhealthy every once in a while and don’t feel bad about it, go on a vacation. It can be hard to prioritize yourself, whether you have too much to do, or you have a family that needs you, it is important that you take at least fifteen minutes a day to do something you want to do.

4. Create some memories. In our day to day lives it can be hard to want to take the time to do something fun. We are always trying to reach a goal, and we promise ourselves that when we reach that goal we will do something we always wanted to do. The reality is, that goal could take you years to reach, and there is no guarantee that you will see tomorrow or that you will even reach that goal, so take the time to do something fun now. Don’t live for the future all of the time, your future self will love to look back at pictures or even just think about all of those memories that you made. You will love to share the good and the weird ones with future friends and family, so enjoy life now.

5. Create a good skincare routine. This one is super easy, create a good skincare routine, so that as you get older, your skin will be glowing and smooth. Adding a good sunscreen, vitamin c serum, and retinol to your routine will make a huge difference. These all have amazing anti-aging properties, and they can be good for acne too. If you have a dermatologist, ask them what you should do for your skin.

6. Invest in yourself. In order for you to be your best happy, healthy, amazing self, you have to invest time and some money in your health and well being. Even if you're just investing in a better skincare routine, this can help you to be so much more confident. Investing in yourself is not a selfish thing to do, it can help you to become a better you, and help you to build confidence.

7. Yoga. Yoga is an amazing way to strengthen your body that doesn’t strain your body like other methods of exercise do. Yoga focuses on using your own body strength, so all you need to get started are some stretchy clothes. Studies have shown that yoga helps with anxiety, stress, chronic pain, inflammation, sleep, and flexibility and balance. This is a practice that could leave you feeling amazing even as you get older.

8. Keep learning. We are always learning as we go, but you should try to intentionally learn something that interests you and will leave you with a useful skill or even just a hobby. If you’ve always wanted to travel to Europe, try learning a language that will be useful there. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play an instrument, start investing in lessons. This keeps your brain active, and it gives you something to look forward too.

9. Follow your dreams. If you aren’t happy with your life and there is something you’ve always wanted to do, do it. Life is too short to not do what makes you happy. If you’re working a 9-5 that you hate, and have always wanted to start your own business, figure out how to do it. If you have enough passion, you can make whatever you want happen.

10. Start your day right. A lot of us are guilty of waking up, getting on our phones, and procrastinating because we don’t want to get out of bed. Try to create a morning routine that will prepare you for the day. Get up no later than 10 every morning, drink some water with lemon on an empty stomach to boost your metabolism, meditate and stretch, plan out your day, and make a healthy breakfast that will keep you going for the whole morning.

11. End your day right. Ending your day in a good way is just as important as starting it in a good way. Try to do something that will relax you and prepare you for a good nights sleep. Here are the things I do to end my night, I take a bath with epsom salts, diffuse lavender, do my skincare and put on lotion, drink some nighttime tea, do some stretching, and read before I go to sleep. I don’t do this every night, but when I do I notice a huge difference in how I feel and how well I sleep.

12. Go to therapy. If you struggle with mental health issues, going to therapy can do wonders. Working through your issues and figuring out how to deal with them now, can save you from problems in the future. Even if you think you're okay and have solved your problems, they might come back in the future in ways you weren't expecting. Knowing exactly what you're dealing with can help to bring you comfort and peace. There is no shame in needing help, and your future self will most likely thank you for getting help sooner rather than later.

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